'Headline - Lines of Thought' is a boutique interior design studio proudly established by Bella Ben Davar and Einat Bar-on Latty.

The studio specialize in planning and designing luxury apartments, private residence, offices and hotels.

Our philosophy is to achieve a timeless and complete design.

We work in close collaboration with our clients, and every client and project gets our full undivided attention.

The benefits of working with us:

➊ Professional plans, details, and vision.

➋ Stay on top of trends and new technologies and materials.

➌ Attain original, fresh, unique designs.

➍ Leverage our genuine passion for design to create masterpiece.

We are thrilled and looking forward to guide you through your journey and surpass your expectations.

Bella Ben Davar

Intreior designer with over 15 years of experience in the most known architecture studios in Israel. Graduate of leading design schools with B.Design degree in interior design and M.Design degree in integrated design.

Creative, talented and open-minded. Great knowledge and understanding of modern materials, furniture and accesories brands.

With incrediable ability to listen and read between the lines, makes a design dream become a spectacular practical living space.

Einat Bar-on Latty

20 years  experience in leading interior design firms in Israel.

With excellent management skills and three-dimensional capabilities, meticulous planning, quick and accurate field work, and professional accompaniment.

Combined with creativity, a profound understanding of customer needs, while wokring inside the budget and providing practical solutions during the process.


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